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Lindsay Chewning

Lindsay Chewning

Leila's Assistant, Heart Space Community Manager, &

Heart Space Holder

A gentle presence, Lindsay has woven herself into many worlds and offers her hands, head and heart to those around her. She is a registered yoga teacher, breathwork facilitator, retreat leader, artist, adventurer, culinary creatrix, and a dabbler in the world of tarot, astrology and all things mystical. 


Lindsay’s mission is to be a mirror to those around her so that they remember who they are and how much value they hold. She holds her purpose in staying grounded and soft as inspiration for others to do the same. Her biggest lessons (gifts) that life has given her are to move slowly and softly, with love, intention, and relentless gratitude.


Lindsay resides in Asheville, North Carolina in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains. She spends her time exploring trails, rock climbing, reading, writing, chasing waterfalls, baking goodies in the kitchen and spending time with her loved ones. 


She is deeply honored to stand as a Heart Space Holder and to be in this sacred sisterhood with each of you.

To learn more about Lindsay's offerings, please visit:

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Zoe Benjamin

Zoe Benjamin

Heart Space Holder & Community Experience Curator

Zoe supports beings to feel kind within their bodies. That is her mission. She has spent the last decade + working with and studying human bodies.


In that process she has come to believe that our voice, our sound-acts as an inner tuning fork. That when we allow the dissonant (seemingly “ugly”) sounds and exhales to be expressed, healing and softening takes place. Inner freedom becomes illuminated. 


She is a Massage Therapist, Pain & Injury Specialist, Sound Practitioner, Meditation & Somatic Facilitator.  She works with individuals and groups holding space for people to be with themselves. To create a deepening sense of the body being home, with more awareness, embrace and gratitude.

Connect with Zoe:

Brandi Sadler


Heart Space Holder

Born and raised in north Florida, Brandi grew up the second oldest of six children. When not practicing or teaching yoga, you can find her outside in the garden, surfing, biking, enjoying one of North Florida’s natural springs, playing music, or enjoying her love and connection with the natural world with her dog, Dante. Brandi has been a practicing licensed massage therapist for 20 years, she holds a degree in Horticulture Science (Organic Crop production), is a birth doula, a Prema Breathwork facilitator, a teacher of cacao medicine, earth keeper, and space holder. 


As a lifelong yoga student, Brandi started her spiritual journey with yoga over 22 years ago, studing Ashtanga Yoga and Iyengar Yoga lineages, Shamanic Medicine Wheel Teachings, and Plant Medicines. 


Brandi is a musician who has re-found her skill, passion and her voice through playing sacred mantra on the harmonium. It is though this creativity that she has been able to connect more deeply to her own inner teachings, and re-connect to her spiritual practices, which has solidified her connection more deeply to God. 


For the past 14 years Brandi has been teaching and sharing this yoga practice through weekly yoga classes, workshops, international and local yoga teachers trainings (200 & 300 hr level). In 2019, through a desire to expand the offerings of yoga with her community, she opened Wildflowers Yoga studio in Gainesville, FL. When not traveling internationally, it is at Wildflowers Yoga that Brandi facilitates breathwork, cacao ceremonies, alignment-based classes and workshops, yoga trainings, practices somatic-integrative massage therapy, and holds a safe space for healing. 


In more recent years her life has taken her to incorporate more 1:1 offerings that combine breathwork, bodywork, cacao and mentorship, in addition to an annual journey to Peru for a Yoga & Plant Medicine Retreat. 


Brandi’s Gainesville studio is the honorary brick and mortar home for the Heart Space. Please keep an eye out for different offerings that Wildflowers Yoga shares with the Heart Space.

Connect with Brandi:



Heart Space Holder

Is a world class athlete, coach and mom. Born and raised in the Florida Keys with a deep deep love of the ocean. She is a trailblazer, a rebel, a health nut, and a manifestress.


Seychelle is a highly decorated standup paddle athlete, World Champion, and Guinness World Record holder. She is also a certified nutrition coach, personal trainer, yoga teacher, and yacht captain.


In her work she coaches female athletes to deepen their self-knowledge, intuition, self-love, and have grace in their athletic journey. She helps women feel powerful, connected, and balanced in their paddle and life pursuits.


She currently lives in Melbourne Beach, Florida with her husband WIll, baby Ri, and dog Oscar. She loves being in mother nature, surfing, paddling, preparing healthy food, moving slowly, dancing, sunshine, learning, and experiencing bliss.

To learn more about Seychelle's offerings, please visit:

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Alexandra Moga

Heart Space Holder

I have dedicated my life to helping others on their healing journeys. Through the art and science of yoga, I seek to serve as a reminder of full-spectrum harmony and well being, drawing from the Vedas' vast teachings, which include healing movement, breathing, mantra, meditation, astrology and heart-fulness, or devotion. Through my 20+ year journey of yoga, I remain a dedicated student and practitioner, seeking the heart of truth in the mystical devotional practices of all traditions. I strive to combine classic techniques with of-the-moment themes with the intention to speak to the needs of the modern practitioner. I am deeply grateful and excited to be a Heartspace holder and look forward to connecting on this journey to wholeness, wisdom and joy together!

To learn more about Alexandra offerings, please visit:

Connect with Alex:

Alexandra Moga


Heart Space Holder

Francoise “ Franny” Long is a certified holistic health coach, a classically trained chef, a 500-hour certified yoga instructor, 150hr trauma informed yoga teacher, and a certified breath coach through YogaBody. As an enthusiastic wellness advocate and hype girl, she encourages optimal, and whole health honoring the five layers of being. Through the lens of curiosity Francoise listens and reflects on ways we can examine, know and experience the body, mind and spirit returning home to our heart space, the soul.

Connect with Franny:

Keri Johnson

Keri Johnson

Heart Space Holder

Dr. Keri Johnson (she/her) is a queer identifying, Florida-based licensed mental health counselor, EMDR and Somatic Experiencing® therapist, Certified Daring Way™ facilitator, Jivamukti Yoga® teacher, Sacred Breathwork guide, and entrepreneur. She serves as adjunct faculty at UF, where she offers a course through the Center of Spirituality and Health, entitled “The Mindful Trauma Therapist”. She is the creator of Rising Strong™ Through the Chakras, an experiential program that weaves together Dr. Brené Brown’s Rising Strong™ process and Chakra Yoga Theory. As a somatic trauma therapist, in her private counseling practice - Mindful Therapy with Keri - she offers wholehearted, mindfulness-based therapeutic services to support the Body, Mind, Heart, and Spirit of all her clients and students.


To learn more about Keri’s offerings, please visit:

Connect with Keri:

KJ Peru.jpeg



The Heart Space Holders are all women who I walk my life with, and who sincerely supported my Soul's evolution. They are my confidants, my companions, my teachers, and my friends. I am honored to know them and trust them wholeheartedly to help me hold OUR sacred community space. Please see them as the Holy and attuned women that they are. Thank you sisters, thank you. 




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